An anonymous phone call from a concerned citizen was made at around 10:30am, Tuesday morning, to notified Safford Police Officers that a wanted man, identified as Joseph Bejarano, was traveling in a truck with a female, headed westbound on Hollywood Road in Safford.
Safford Police have been searching for Bejarano for several months. He has several Felony warrants out for his arrest including a $50,000 Felony warrant for reckless driving.
A single Safford Officer drove to the area of Hollywood Road where he observed Bejarano and a female, traveling eastbound.
The Safford Officer drove up behind the Chevy truck and turned on his emergency lights.
The Officer also notified other Graham County law enforcement that he was in pursuit of the vehicle.
When Bejarano saw the Safford Officer behind him, he turned onto a dirt road heading northbound toward the Gila River.
While other officers were on their way to the scene, the Safford Officer continued to follow the Chevy truck, at a high rate of speed along the dirt road.
The Chevy truck then came to a sudden stop. The Safford Officer also stopped, unholstered his firearm, and called out to Bejarano to come out of the truck.
Bejarano revved up the engine in the Chevy truck and took off down the road
toward the River.
The Safford Officer continued the pursuit and lost sight of Bejarano's truck.
The truck slipped out of sight of the Officer and as he drove closer to the River, he had to stop and wait for other Safford Officers because the terrain was too rough for his police vehicle.
Other Safford Officers arrived at the scene, picked up the Officer, and drove to the river.
When they arrived, they found the Chevy truck but Bejarano and the female were know where to be found.
Several other Officers arrived, including Chief Griffin and Captain Whisman, along with a helicopter and DOC tracking dogs were called in.
Over several hours, the search teams were able to track Bejarano and the female up to Sunset Boulevard across the river but were never able to find the couple and the search was finally called off.
Bejarano is wanted on charges of Domestic Violence/Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Reckless driving, and Possession of Stolen Property.
If anyone sees Bejarano in the community they are asked to contact local law enforcement.

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