Patrolling Safford Police Officers arrived at a residence at 618 South Valley Avenue, at around 11:42pm, Tuesday night, where they were searching for a wanted man.
Safford Police have been searching for Joseph Bejarano Jr., for several weeks. Bejarano has several warrants out for his arrest and every time Officers get close to arresting him, he escapes in a vehicle, on a motorcycle, or on foot.
When the Officers arrived at South Valley Avenue, they knocked on the door, searching for Bejarano.
After a few minutes, a man came to the door and the Officers asked about Bejarano.
The man stated that Bejarano was not inside and he let the Officers into the residence. They found a man sitting on a couch who also had a warrant out for his arrest.
Through Graham County Dispatch, it was confirmed that the man on the couch did have an outstanding warrant for his arrest and he was handcuffed and taken into custody.
Several burnt pieces of tin foil were found where the man was sitting and the Officers asked if they could search the residence.
One of the Officers said he could smell marijuana coming from the couch.
A search of the couch found a quart plastic baggie containing approximately
13.2-grams of marijuana.
The man who had been sitting on the couch told the Officers that the marijuana was his.
The marijuana tested positive for THC.
The man did not want to answer any more questions and he was taken into custody and booked into the Graham County Jail for the outstanding warrant and illegal possession of marijuana.

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