Graham County residents went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes for their candidates in the 2012 Primary election.
The hottest race in Graham County was the Republican race for County Supervisor in District #3.
On the Republican side Danny Smith came out on top with 53.67-percent of the vote. Other candidates running for County Supervisor for District #3 were:
Jason Kouts, Brian Coppola, and Joe Carpenter.
Danny Smith has been chosen to run against Democratic candidate Max Hinton, who received 74.75-percent of the vote. Both will square off in the General Election for District #3, in November.
In District #2, incumbent Jim Palmer defeated Jenny Howard with 57.70-percent of the vote. Palmer received 1,049 votes to Howard's 768 votes.
In District #1, Democrat Drew John won running unopposed.
Winners also running unopposed were: County Attorney Kenneth Angle, Graham County Sheriff Preston "P.J" Allred, County Treasurer Jean Reynolds, County Assessor Darlene Alder, and Democrat incumbents County Recorder Wendy John and County Superintendent Donna McGaughey.
In Graham County Democrat Richard Carmona ran unopposed in the race for U.S. Senator. He will go up against Jeff Flake who defeated Will Cardon with 70.64-percent of the vote.
Democrat Ann Kirpatrick defeated Wenona Babinegro with 70.63-percent of the vote in Graham County and Jonathan Paton won on the Republican side with 61.55-percent of the vote in Graham County.
There are 16,637 registered voters in Graham County and 5,210 votes were cast. In Graham County, 31.32-percent of the voters turned out.
More detailed election results can be found on the Graham County website at:, and look under election results.

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