Graham County Republican Party Chairman John Duane Rhodes of Safford
was honored by the State Republican Party, last Friday, January 23rd, and was
presented the Barry Goldwater Award.
Rhodes was recognized by the Arizona Republican Party with it’s top award
for his work with the state Republican Party and in Graham County.
The award ceremony took place at an Arizona Republican Party dinner at the
Embassy Suites at the Biltmore, last Friday night.
The Republican Party in Graham County has grown a lot in the last several years,
along with more Republican candidates being elected to political offices locally.
Rhodes said that during the last election, former Presidential Candidate John McCain received more votes, per capita, in Graham County, and won by a larger
percentage than in any other county in the state.
Other recipients of the Barry Goldwater Award have been Jim Click of Tucson and John Rutlidge, a former head of the Arizona Republican Party.
Rhodes said that this was the first time in the history of the Arizona Republican
Party that the award has gone to a Republican from rural Arizona.
Also, Glenda Orr, President of the Graham County Republican Women was elected to the Arizona State Republican Party Committee during the awards ceremony.
Rhodes also said, that the reason he was awarded the Goldwater Award was because of the “quality of people that I have working with me here.”